Hey guys

So straight to the point. When i bend the e or b strings the strings above it slip under my bending fingers, is this because my action is too low? I have quite a low action because i've just never changed it on either guitar since i got them, i have 2 guitars and i'm having the same problem on both.

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its either your action is to HIGH
or your not fingering it right
I used to do it all the time I done them things and it really fixed up
I had the problem myself long ago, if you do a big bend like that you can try and place your fingertip on the fretboard as perpendicularly as possible, so your fingernail comes into contact with the string above and kind of pushes it away, preventing it from slipping under...
I had the same issue years ago. I have gigantic hands and sometimes this presents an issue with certain things on guitar, bends were no exception. I simply just raised my action a little bit and that helped a lot.
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I used to have the same problem, the way I fixed it was by focusing on physically pushing the other strings with my finger as I was bending