very nice cover, you obviously know how to sing, I'll say the slight rasp at the beginning of most of the sentences goes well with the higher parts

I loved the little Eb to D slide into the chorus, I think it's the chorus. also the buildup around 2:10
to the end is very enjoyable, nice solo too
anyways, what recording gear did you use?

thanks Jfzgd.

DAW: Reaper, Garage Band (for the keyboard and Drum parts)

Guitar and Bass: Tones are from guitar rig 5 onto reaper, the red guitar is a Dean Evo cheapo I painted red, the black one is also a cheap guitar a Squier 51, Bass is an Ibanez Micro

MIC: Audio Technica AT 2020, and a live Elector Voice pl84 (for the backing vocals)

Video editing: Sony Vegas Pro