Hi guys i'm going to buy a bass soon but thought i'd seek the wisdom of members here who have a little more experience than i have in this field.

I want the bass for home recording only not for gigging and the style is hard rock, my question is should i buy a 4 string which is the only kind of bass i've ever played before
or a 5 string as i like the idea of the low B (just in case i feel a need to use it if a song demands it) or should i restring a 4 stringer to B E A D ?
any advice would be much appreciated

If you like the heavy stuff and plan to play tunes in lower than standard tunings, then you should get a five-string. De-tuning a four-string can cause problems, such as floppy strings and poor note clarity and sustain.

As for specific models, we need to know the usual: budget, your location, what brands are available, are you willing to go used, etc.
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