Some sorta filter? Just guessing based off my cheap multifx.

V Oh, I hear the modulation now too. My apologies for the horrible guess, I'm listening on my phone. Not that I wouldn't have guessed really fast rate chorus even if I did hear it before.

Just bored at work, don't mind me.
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sounds like some kinda modulation with an incredibly fast rate/speed. maybe a vibrato pedal, not sure what one he would use to get such a high speed.

maybe my sweet ultra vibe can get something similar

edit: actually yes, i just tried out my vibe on the vibrato setting and sounds pretty similar. his sounds a bit more like an organ though.
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I hear frequency modulation as wel as octave overtones.

I suspect one of the Pog pedals, or at least that type of pedal will achieve this sound.

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Who's Andy Timmons??
Those guys use te axe fx, so a combo of modulation and octave is definitely reasonable.
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