Hey all

I have a Epiphone Korina Explorer. The stock pickups gave me the shits so badly that i lashed out and ordered a set of bare knuckle nailbombs.

At first I was told that i simply had to connect all the wires and then marvel at the new sound. But im thinking now that im going to need to replace the ****ing pots that are in my epiphone.

My question to you is:

Will i need new pots and if yes is there a specific type i will need? I currently have 2 volume and a tone. Ideally if i can get away with using the stock pots i will but if they will sacrifice a lot of tone / power or explode or some shit then ill replace them.

Im a bit of a rookie when it comes to guitar electronics so any other useful advice would be sick

Cheers in advance!
You shouldn't need to replace the pots unless they are broken or worn out (or if you are switching from passive to active or vice-versa). However, some new CTS or Bourns pots will be more reliable and better-made than the stock Alpha pots.
Yep what Jim said, and for the price CTS pots aren't that bad. And you'll have a clean slate to work with. You might have a cold solder joint or two. Did you remove the old solder or did you solder on top of the old, do you have previous soldering skills?
I havnt touched the electronics in my epiphone. The sounds has degraded to the point where it produced very little tone and cant push out any overdrives. it crackles a bit when i **** around with the input jack so i suspect that there is a fault there. Im glad all these parts are fairly cheap. Soldering is no problem for me so i guess its just a matter of getting all the shit together and putting it together.
Bear in mind that if you upgrade the pots to CTS, their shaft is slightly thicker than the originals due to being imperial sizes. Just take a tapered hand reamer and gently widen the holes until the pot just fits through.