I hate to post one of those annoying "which pickup?" threads, but I can't seem to find many answers. I recently bought a Peerless Monarch 16" with one routed neck humbucker. I've found the stock pickup to be okay, but it could be improved. I've been playing jazz (of course), funk, soul, jam (a la Grateful Dead and Phish), folk and fusion of any of the above on this guitar. I play though a JCM 900 with a 1960a cab. I use numerous pedals, mostly clean boost and a few chorus, delay etc. pedals. I want something very responsive to dynamics and subtle nuances. The pickup should have a smooth sweet tone with just a little shimmer when played quietly and gently, and a snappy funky tone at when play louder and more aggressively. I use gauge 12 flatwounds and still bend the unwound strings heavily and frequently. Any suggestions?
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