Budget? - 700 at the VERY most. Looking to spend no more than 500, if possible.

Favorite Artists? - Say Anything, Minus the Bear, Circa Survive, The Fall of Troy, Rush, City and Colour, La Dispute, various flavors of indie/alternative rock.

Preferences? - I really don't need more than 21 frets, but this isn't a deal breaker or maker. Prefer double cut bodies, flexible with neck profiles but I don't like maple necks, no brand preference.

Pickups? - Passive. Looking for HH configuration, but I'm open to suggestions.

New or Used? - Used

Location? - Saginaw, MI

Current Gear? - Current setup is: MIM Stratocaster, '95 Blues DeVille 4x10, Fulltone OCD, Little Big Muff, Boss DD20, Keeley Compressor, Boss NS2

Okay, I need some help picking out a second guitar. I love the sound of my Strat, but I'm looking for something different. Something beefier. I don't play a lot of covers, I've been (trying) to write and play my own stuff lately. You could say my style involves a lot of rhythm playing and riffing with various chords, if that makes sense.

Here's some of the guitars I've been looking at lately:

PRS SE Custom SemiHollow - I've been interested in hollowbodies lately, looks like a solid guitar (no pun intended)
Epiphone ES339 Pro - Love the look, hollowbody, coil tapping for more variety
Epiphone Wilshire - Won't break the bank (huge plus)
Les Paul DoubleCut with P90's - I'm in love with this guitar from what I see on paper, but haven't played it and it's on the high end of my budget
Fender Telecaster - Looking at a HH configuration

Maybe some of you have experience with those guitars and can give me some input or convince me that there's something out there that I haven't discovered yet. I don't have a problem upgrading pickups, electronics, or hardware as long as it's not a ridiculous of upgrades that I would need to do.

Thanks in advance!
All of those seem like fine choices, but I don't know much about the Wilshire. Also, the 339 won't really sound like a hollow body guitar. If you want to go hollow body, go with an Epiphone Dot.
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Although I can't speak for their hollow-bodies, I recently bought a PRS SE Custom 24 off of eBay, and I love it. It's got an HH configuration and double cut-away, plus the neck is really nice, it's kind of a wide and thin deal. I got mine for about $300.00, used, so you could find something great if you look and wait for a little while.