Yeah i've just looked this up soundcloud is having issues with bandwidth, hopefully it'll sort itself out soon. Shitty time for me to put this up, cheers for trying though
it seems to be working now, sounds good! Sounds really good actually, I wouldn't call it a demo, it sounds pretty mastered to me, maybe just lacking bass guitar volume, but my headphones aren't the best

I like it dude! its really good
Yes! I'm glad someone mentioned the lead guitar tone, sounds awesome right. It's actually just me playing acoustic into iPad garageband and using the megaphone effect, wish I could get my electric to sound like that.
Oh and yeah I used to really like them, went through a jack white phase years ago, guess it must of rubbed off.
You have a great voice man, the song sounds very 90's although I can't pinpoint why. Something about the chords