Hey guys. I'd like some advice on a guitar I've been interested in and whether or not it's worth the plunge.

It's a Schecter C-1 Elite in white at £250. However, it has a couple of defects.

Firstly, it has a screw missing on the jack plate and the other screw sticks out. I'm guessing the guy who had it last lost the screws and put a longer one in, so it stayed in while he got round to finding new screws. This isn't a deal breaker, but are those screws easy to find? and if not, are all jack plates of that type interchangeable?

Lastly, the neck heel has a crack in it. I've asked him what it looks like and whether he can get a picture of it, but he says the crack is too faint to get a picture of against the white finish. I'm currently waiting on the photo's regardless, but are these (what I am assuming) pressure cracks going to effect the longevity of the guitar?

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