I'm sort of a newb with the guitar, been at it for a couple of years but I'm just starting to try and step it up recently.
I've had this small hook/ bridge idea but I suck at theory (working on that) so I was hoping someone could analyze this for me. Would that be possible if I post a recording or should I tab it out instead?
What exactly are you looking to achieve/what are you asking someone to provide to you? It's not really clear.

That said, it seems like whatever you're looking for is probably best found in the 'musician talk' section of the boards, 'recordings' tends to be more production/engineering/microphones&gear stuff.
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Got it thanks.
It's pretty much just a theory question of a bit of a song I've been working on. It sounds good to me but I'm not entirely sure why and would like for someone more knowledgeable to give feedback, but I'll take it up with the other section. Thanks.