Looking at buying a new guitar. For quite awhile I talked myself into an epiphone les paul tribute 60's. Then I played one. Without starting a fire fight I'll say that guitar is totally out of the running. Since I live about 100 miles from a decent guitar store I'm very limited in handling guitars before I buy. So far I'm batting 1.000 on guitars I've ordered without playing luckily. But I'm stuck right now. I'm very interested in getting the updated c1 custom as I'm a bar band player looking for an all around work horse. 24 fret with Duncan sh1 and sh11 and coil splitting. But if I could find an esp ec 401vf in black cherry With the Duncan jb/59 set up it's a neck I'm familiar with and know fits my hand. And finally I'm looking at Fender mim lonestar Deluxe with Texas specials in the neck and middle and a twin head black bobbin pickup with coil select. Again the c style neck I know I can pick up and shred without adjusting to the neck. Getting a single coil sound stock is a benefit but I'm always willing to customize any get within reason. I'd really appreciate all constructive debate especially from guitar store hounds and regulars that might have played the c1 and compared to either of the other necks. But all suggestions will be researched. No set limit but looking to spend less than $700. Thanks for looking.
What amp are you currently using and what sound or tone are you going for?
Is $700 the most you can go and are you willing to go used?
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