Okay so, i cant find anyone to play with who is in love with music, to most its a hobby, to me its a life long commitment. I want to record and produce my own music, i will list my gear, please help me by suggesting what gear and or software ill need.

Epiphone les paul prophecy gx custom
Epiphone gibson les paul
Fender kingman acoustic bass
5 string banjo
Home made congas
Cuban maraccas
Orange dual terror with orange ppc112
Epiphone 12 string el dorado acoustic guitar
Guyatone archtop
Excel acoustic guitar
Offbrand violin
Offbrand flute
Digitech gnx4 guitar processor
Sterling two piece.mic set with boom stand
And a badass desktop

My pedal can record, but i am completely ignorant on how to produce my own music, pleasr be very simple on explanations, as all i can do is play the instruments, anything further and i have no experience, i seek to be educated. Please help me, and i am on a budget, so cheap and effective is what i seek. Thanks
Have you thoroughly read the manual for your GNX4? That should tell you how to use the built in multitracker to create a finished product.

If you're looking to upgrade from that to something higher quality, go read the Interfaces sticky.
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Probably some kind of upgrade would be more comfortable to work with, so yeah, go read the interfaces sticky.
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