Hey guys, I want the OC10 Crocodile Looper by One Control for my pedal board but I have a few questions for anyone who has experience with loopers or this looper in particular. I Have a diagram that I found with a google search and have it edited.


I normally have my amp on the clean channel and switch the Zakk Wylde overdrive on for a nice crunch or heavy rhythem sound. Then I switch the footswitch that came with my amp to change to the distortion channel while still having the ZW OD on for a good lead sound. I was wondering if the way I have it set up in the picture, would having the 9th loop connected to where the footswitch goes make that one of the loops that will save as a preset when I choose it? I know it sounds a little confusing but ask questions if you dont understand. Thanks.
that is an intense looper.

here is the pic for anyone that may be able to help

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