Just a quick question.
Looking to build a signature Tom Delonge Stratocaster purely just because i like it, not going to be used for anything overly important.
Note: I'd just buy one but being a lefty and from Australia there's not going to be any that pop up often or if they were even available in left handed.

I decided i'll just make one myself.
So the question is: Is it better to buy a left handed Mexican Stratocaster then paint and swap the pickup etc or will i get away with a Squier Strat, because i'd still like it to sound decent and play nicely. I've heard differences in wood, hardware etc.
Will putting the Invader pickup in the bridge and re wiring everything still get a good sound out of a Squier or will it still sound kind of half-arsed compared to the Mexican strat? or will they sound the same?

Money isn't a problem, if anyone has some info that would be appreciated.
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If money isn't an issue I would go with a Mexican. I've played some nice Squires and some nasty Squires. Alot of it does have to do with the components, if you got a Squire I would change out everything like the Saddles, Nut and String Trees. Well I would probably do the same to a MIM. I could give you better insight in a couple weeks when both of my projects are done. I have a MIM I'm slapping together and a Squire too.