I picked these guitar up on craigslist for pretty cheap.

The electric is in Decent condition . Has a coil tap tone pot. Kent Armstrong pick ups. Gotoh tuners.
No mention of brand of brand or serial numbers. The Bridge says Made in Japan on the backside.
Has a weird water drop inlay in the headstock. Just wondering if anyone knew what brand this guitar was or if it was home made and approximate value.

The acoustic is clearly marked Suzuki Nagoya Insignia Series. Made in Japan. Model - S1335blk
Anyone know approximately how old this acoustic guitar is and general idea of what its worth?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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Suzuki made guitars from the late 70s sometime until the mid/late 80s. maybe even longer. i had one and it was a really nice acoustic for cheap.

not seeing any pics of that just the 5 pics of the electric.

not sure on the electric, the body looks familiar. those parts would tend to point to a possible mij build. the wood looks incredible, so if mij, it wasn't cheap. if i had to guess i'd say possibly an ibanez from the 70s or 80s. pre-RG type stuff.
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ikes that headstock. looks like a later 80s possibly just guessing though.

how does it play? have you had it gone over etc? it's probably a nice guitar.

you won't find a ton about suzuki guitars online, i ran into that when i researched mine. congrats though, and good luck.
It plays alright. Neck is a little out of adjustment and could definetly use new strings. What type of woods do you think the electric is made of?