I'm new to electric guitars and got mine this past week from MusiciansFriend's online store, it's a Schecter SGR C-1 . Thought I'd practice with it til I upgrade to a damien elite or a similar model

I live outside the US and where I live, there's no branded electric guitars except some old Ibanez and Fender models also no amplifiers or pedals (they sell "amplifiers" as they call it but they're just a big speaker with 1/4 input, no distortions and no effects.

Anyway I bought this guitar and the shipping cost was more than double the price, so I couldn't buy an amplifier as well cause it's too heavy and shipping cost will be very high

That's why I need your recommendations for a decent amp simulation interface for home recording (it won't be as heavy as a real amp so shipping won't cost too much).. The POD UX1 is what I'm thinking of right now, will I be able to achieve a similar sound to bands like Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold? ..I'm open to other options in the $100 price range

I heard the UX1 doesn't have phantom power for condenser mics only, so if I buy a dynamic mic (SM57) later there will be no problems, is that correct?

Right now I'm connecting my guitar through a cheap Behringer UCA202, at first I had latency issues but it's fixed (using Asio4all driver) in fl studio only, which is the main program I use. But the latency is still there in Adobe Audition CS6 :\ (any idea how to fix it?)


Now to the other problem My guitar sounds out of tune even after it's re-tuned! specially when playing power chords - Please have a listen http://picosong.com/kd74
tell me which string(s) sounds off (sharp/flat)?

I think it's only the 6th string?
I researched and read new things like intonations, so I did that to the 6th string (lengthened it) and it's better now I guess, but still sounds "off".
http://s10.postimg.org/xf3i77fuh/20140112_161737.jpg (see 6th string)

I'm using Guitar Rig 5. before buying the guitar I made rock songs using a virtual instrument (guitar sample library) called Shreddage, and the sound was better than the real thing lol .. Listen to this for example http://picosong.com/kr38/ .. just a quick example, single track, no bass and no tweaking.

I think my problem is either the stock strings, or no proper intonation. (I got new strings btw, Ernie Ball 2215 but too lazy to replace them now ).

Before I buy the guitar I was searching for videos to have an idea how the guitar sounds with virtual amps, and I stumbled upon this one:

Sounds pretty good to me.. the guy told me the presets he used, but I need to fix my off-sounding guitar first -.-

Thanks in advance
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Thanks Explorerbuilder

Problem solved!! I changed the strings and now it sounds great
..well not that great cause I haven't received the POD UX1 preamp yet

Here's a quick test - in case you're interested to hear the difference: