Do you guys think this has potential, Ive been working on it for about 2 months now off and on. Raggae isn't my forte, but my friend just started getting me into it, I don't have a Soja, Tribal seeds type of voice, so I wrote 2 rap verses instead.

Thanks for listening to my tune. I like the style of this, I don't really know what makes the difference but I would of thought of this as ska. I like your voice sounds real if you know what I mean. Having said that I think your flow is off a little sometimes in the verses, like you're forcing certain words too hard. Not keen on the solo, sounds out of tune and i don't really feel like fits the mood of the song for me. Generally I really like the sound of it though, you just need a few tweeks.
I like it, it grew on me as I listened to it. I do feel lyrics rushed some places. It feels like it loses steam around 1:25, that break, I think it needs to be more interesting, maybe go to total silence, or something more interesting than what you have.

I agree the solo seems to be in the wrong key, or mode or something compared to the other melodic elements.

Once you fix the pacing of the lyrics (practice?) I think they will work fine, kind of like that song "88 lines about 44 women" or is that "44 lines about 22 women"? Whatever, it's a cool style that can work, and I have not heard it fused with Reggae, so that's interesting.

I'd also appreciate if you can give a listen to one or more of my songs on SoundCloud, link below, and give me some honest feedback (comment in this thread, or on SoundCloud directly, or via PM, whatever's easiest).

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The vocals seem pitchy on the singing parts, and on the rap parts I'm hearing too much popping - are you using a pop filter? Getting too close to the mic? What kind of mic are you using?. The vox need some attention production wise, I think, and I'm not sure where to start. Drums really need to come up...everything sounds so synthy...

Potential? Hell yeah. Of course. This could all work very well, and could be catchy as hell. Just needs a lot of production attention at this point.
Hahaha, I quite like this!

Fun and chill, even though a tad bit unprofessional, I think that only adds to what you're trying to do here. It's not pretentious, it's just.. Chill and fun. You're talking with a nice and calming voice, and it feels sort of like a storytelling than a song.

I guess the only thing I'd prefer different would be the lyrics, I don't think they're "chill" enough, too much emotion and seriousness? Apologizing?

But that's alright, cuz' it's nice, chill and down-to-earth. Even though the solo felt out-of-place, and there seemed to be some chopping-faults in the audio.

I could listen to this for a long time without really growing tired of it. Nice!
thank you so much everybody for the feeback! I agree with everything! Ill look for your song Krm27!

My vocals I think sound the way they do (other than being a beginner vocalist)

Is because I am using a dynamic mic, no pop filter, I tried recording the song a sock covering the mic, but it came out worse. I realize I need to get a condenser, but until I do im just using a 25 dollar radio shack mic

Yeah to be honest my guitar solo sounds like crap, I had one to many beers the night I was finalizing the mix and I added it last minute, I was buzzed and thought it was the greatest guitar solo ever written! haha.

I really appreciate the advice on the lyric subject matter, and maybe switching to silence in the chorus area! I never really would of thought of that! Ill give it a shot

Thank you again everyone!