My band is in need of a new drummer and bassist, in the Monmouthshire area of Wales.

We have 2 guitarists (I am one), and a vocalist (female), but we may be having to "let go of" our bassist and drummer, sadly, as they just can't stick the commitments.

Interests: Djenty, jazzy, brutal metal.
Influences: Periphery, Chon, Wide Eyes, Whitechapel, Motionless In White, Intervals, Killswitch Engage and more. Nothing really is out of the question, just as long as it sounds cool.

Basically, if you are in the Monmouthshire area (we practise in Monmouth), enjoy our influences, are a technically able and creative musician (not asking for John Petrucci or anything!!) and are free on Sundays - send me a message or post back here. Thanks.
Looking for any of your spare 12" speakers or electronic components (valves, transformers, anything!) and a Peavey Wolfgang USA. Message me!

I want your broken/unwanted gear, UK only. Message me!