Hey everyone, this is my first post in ultimate guitar. I love the community so far, everybody has been awesome. Anyways, I am a bit absent minded at times, after I set up my new guitar wall hanger (it's a GSP38WB/GSP39WB) I realized I put it in upside down. It holds my guitar well enough for now (without locking since it's upside down) but I am kind of worried about how it will hold up in the future... Any Suggestions as to what I should do?
Haha yeah... I probably will, it shouldn't be a problem if I keep it like that for a week or so right?
Are you sure you can't just pivot it 180 degrees? (I checked a picture and it looked like it swiveled in the middle). Unless I had a guitar that I didn't care about (like the warped 12string I threw away), I'd probably fix it today or not use it until fixed. Imagine you bump it and a guitar falls off (and then you'd be thinking "those guys on the forum said I should reinstall") - it would be twice as bad then
Yeah, That's a good idea. just to be on the safe side, I put Aurelia (my guitar) back in her case for the time being. Sadly, I drilled hanger into my wall with butterfly anchors (complete overkill, haha I know) I can't seem to pivot the holder naturally more than 45 degrees, there is probably an angular screw which I can loosen to pivot 180... Thanks guys for the feedback!
If I was you I wouldn't use it until it's re-installed... It might work but is it really worth the risk?
Agreed, it's really not worth risking. My wall can afford to look barren for a week, far better than breaking a Gibson Les Paul.