My friend needs help finding a smooth sound with a little distortion. He wants a tone similar to Cliff Burton's tone on Master of Puppets, Greg Christian's tone on The New Order, Tom Aria's tone on Raining Blood, and Mike D Antonio's tone on End of Heartache. His gear is an Esp TA200 4-string bass and a Drive CD200B. And he is also wondering if certain gauges of strings affect tone. Please respond soon!
Well; you are asking for quite a few tone options there. Since they are all on the heavy side, he is almost certainly going to need a bigger amplifier. The Drive CD200B was a 20-watt, 1x8" practice amp with very limited tonal capabilities. To get the punch and harmonics that your friend is looking for, a set of 10" speakers or a single 15" speaker and at least 100 watts RMS is going to be necessary. I do not see any way to accomplish those tones with that amp.

String gauges will not make much difference, but string types will. Your friend would probably do best with a set of stainless roundwounds like the Rotosound 66 set. His bass should be just fine for those tones.

Good luck!
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He's just gotta turn up the gain a bit, cut the mids to about 3, and turn up the treble to about 7 or so. There ya go.

Also, I love killswitch, but the bass tone totally sucks. Listen to this...

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