My Ibanez RG 920QMZ just developed a really annoying buzz. Its pretty loud on a clean channel and extremely loud on a distorted channel of my amp. I know its my guitar because my other guitar doesnt buzz.
When I touch the input jack or strings, the buzzing sort of stops; but when I use an old guitar string and touch one end to the input jack and one end to the strings, it stops completely.
How do I go about fixing this? I looked inside and I dont see anything loose (I also dont know what to look for)
please help
Go to local luthier, the metal strips might be not connecting with jack. Had simillar problem.
thanks, thats exactly what i didnt want to hear so I put this piece of guitar string touching the wall of the dugout where the input jack is to the wall of the dugout where the volume and tone controls are and now it sounds better than ever. this might be horrible "fix" but at least it works :P