Well I got my new rig Egnater Tweaker 40 and the Tweaker 212 cab and I'm happy with all the tones by just hitting switches and turning nobs.The only thing is I need to get a reverb and delay pedal,great tones but sounds like I'm in a room lined with foam.I'm playing with settings and having fun.
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All New Gear Day threads must contain two of the following three items:

1.) Pictures of your gear (no google/stock images)
2.) Clips/video
3.) A Review.
Congrats man! Played one of those today, sweet amps.

Please post pics and a review. Partly because they'll close the thread.

Although it's mostly because I wanna see it and a couple of those Gibbys
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nice! i would have recommended an avatar cab but nice.

the other best thing you can do is change the preamp tubes. the stock ones are a fizzy mess. but overall i love my amp!
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Pictures or it's an MG.
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