Welcame to ma thread peepole!

Never owned an ABY box before, so I'm looking for feedback on those units. Is it worth putting money into a good box?

80$ -

237$ -

Can ground lift damage anything?

Passive or active?

Republican or democrat?


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The Radial is fine

Edit: I have used the Twin City not that one
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Quote by ikey_

Except that you don't get a polarity switch or ground lift with the Loopmasters. He tends to make switchers for pedals, not the guy I would go to for an amp switcher.

OP, the Radial should do you just fine. They also make an active, buffered version with LED indicators called the Twin City, but it's a more expensive unit.
well damn. you got me. that radial aint a bad buy then
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To precise, I will use this ABY to switch between two amps, with same effects in front.

Guitar -> Pedalboard -> ABY -> Amp 1/amp2

Thanks for the answers so far guys!
the radial big shot switcher is great. i have literally had one almost 7+ years now. solid, any combination of the small switches will reduce hum every time (at least my experience) and theoretically should.

its worth it.

that is one of few things i don't have a back up on hand for. i know its not going to fail.
Ever got shocked?

Apparently, it's dangerous for some reason to lift ground, but it reduce/remove noise...
The Radial Twin City is where its at, or at least where it was at last I checked.

I haven't looked at ABYs in a while, but I doubt much has changed with the market.

Last I checked, the Twin City is the best, cheapest ABY you can get. It has all of the functions you need to make sure you don't have any issues running two amps at the same time, and it has LEDs (a feature SORELY missing from the Big Shot).
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Yea, I agree, the LEDs are a big plus.

I'm afraid of getting hum tho. The Twin City looks like a solid choice (quality and price), but I saw those Framptone selectors too and in my experience, all the Keeley stuff is super great usually.

Any best choice, or it's the same thing except I pay for "Framptone" name on a white box?
Radial knows their stuff when it comes to amp switching and anything amp selection/DI/audio switch related. There's a reason why so many professionals use their stuff on the road, they last.

I'd still stick with the Radial, whether you get the Big Shot or Twin City, it's a solid choice either way. No need to spend more because of a name when you're not getting an increase in quality vs the huge increase in price. Also, I don't know what Keeley has to do with the Framptone stuff other than they are a licensed dealer. Keeley himself doesn't have anything to do with the construction or design AFAIK.
Bumping this tread, since I might buy this thing tomorrow.

The Big Shot is passive and the Twin City is active.. What is the difference really apart from the buffer? I read some stuff but just want to double chek here.

And if the ground is not lifted, can I still get electrocuted? I really don't want to get shocked
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