Hey all - got the Marshall JVM410H with the 1960BV Cab (v30s). I performed a few mods to this thing - Added a 3H Choke, Plexi-Cap Mod and tubed it with EH C6A7 tubes rather than the EL34 (kind of hybrid sound between 6L6 and EL34).

The midi implementation is fantastic, which really makes this a gigging dream. Though it sounded pretty excellent before the mods, I must admit the mods really help the 12 different modes (3 per channel) really distinct from one another.

Currently I'm running my Boss GT100 in via 4 cable method for effects and it does all the channel, mode, reverb, boost switching beautifully. That said, I'm likely going to put some gear up for sale/trade for a G-system to complete this rig.

Previously I had an Egnater Vengeance and Mark V but really find the combination of tones, midi and flexibility to be a pretty unbeatable combination.

Can't figure out how to update the gear list in my signature but if I do I'll update it to reflect what's current.
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Noice! Hell of a setup you got there, jealous! Congrats!
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great amps and very versatile. Still love mine, but might have to try out those C6A7's when i retube next.
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HNGD, glad I'm not the only one to fall in love with the JVM (modded mine too!).
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Sweet amplifier!
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