Hey guys

Basically Im bored of playing, i still love playing songs and my own riffs and that but just picking it up and playing, improvising to backing tracks, I've basically played the same shit for 14 months, same scales, the only thing that's change is the style and tempo, do you know what mean? I know there's so much more to do but i don't know where to go.

I've only ever learnt the pentatonic scales and extensions of it.

Should i learn more scales? play different styles like classical? Have you had this and how did you get out of this rut?

"Music Without Emotion Is Like Food Without Flavour"
Paul Gilbert
It's hard question because it's different for everyone.

It's a question that you need to answer yourself but yes there's heaps to learn!

When I was in a similar spot (after my first band broke up) I asked myself why I picked up a guitar in the first place and the answer was right there. I got stuck in a routine of my band and I took it for granted.

Never lose that vision you started out with.
Welcome to playing guitar - This will keep happening for the rest of your life.
Just keep pushing forward. You will eventually find new joy in playing. It's like:

"wow, this is starting to sound pretty convincing. I couldn't compose shit like this 3 months ago!"

Then it becomes a new standard for you and the OMG-factor goes down until you improve even more and discover new things. That's how it has been for me with my piano playing so far.
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Quote by CJGunner7

I've only ever learnt the pentatonic scales and extensions of it.

Should i learn more scales?

Yes and no. Of course you should be learning everything you can about guitar. I would say that's not a bad idea for anything in life.

But on the flip side, only knowing 1 or 2 scales can get you very far if you can really jam out something beautiful.

For example, one of my favorite all time guitarists is Slash (que the hatred) and he mostly only uses the major/minor pentatonic with the blue note and sometimes the harmonic minor.

I know those three scales, but I would KILL to be able to play them with the emotion and phrasing that Slash has. When I play them, they sound much weaker and plain than anything Slash plays.