The composition is nice, but the vocals take away from it, (but I'm not really a fan of screamed vocals, so kind of biased in that regard). You might want to give that guitar a boost in the lead parts, it's a little lacking in the mix at times, it's better than some of the stuff I've head in the genre where the drums completely overtake the guitar and bass (and I could hear the bass, good job!). Drums sound really good. Overall nice.
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Stairway is required on any list of anything involving the words guitar or song, I believe Congress amended the constitution in order to put it into federal law.
Yeah....vocal ruins everything. The lead guitar comes in all good...but it lacks a good
bang in phasing at the end. It just make sound like its boring or dragging.
@ 2:31 on ward.
Idk, it needs to scream, a mjor dive or a faster run.
You know what Im saying?
It's like the begining of the solo is kind of setting up a figure skater to make a tripple jump.
It lacks the tripple jump.
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The staccato thing is quite cool, haven't heard that before
I like the melody at 1:04 and think it would sound good harmonized the 2nd time (even though a lot of other stuff is also harmonized), think you can do more with it. The song is a bit complex and since it's not repeating much with that non-standard structure, it's also not as memorable.
Don't think comments against the vocals are fair because they're quite good and well performed even if it's screaming etc, I think fans of this sort of genre will like it.
I agree about the composition being really cool and personally, I like the non-standard structure, keeps you guessing. I'm not a fan of screaming vocals that much, so I have no criticism on that part.

The mix of drums and guitar was nicely balanced. Impressive playing too - I wish I could do some of that.
Thanks everyone, I agree that the vocals could have been better. I had wanted him scream over certain parts but he didn't -_-