First off, for people who do not know (or if I am explaining it wrong), I consider a dyad to be comprised of two notes. Basically, one less than a chord. The only time I have encountered a problem with them is in the official Pantera and Metallica tab books.

Here's an example of my problem with said dyads.


Now my hands are prettly lanky but I have been able to find no way to accurately and efficiently play notes with such immaculate spacing.

any ideas?
You can play the Eb (the 4th fret, 2nd string) note higher on the neck. On the 3rd string, the Eb is played on the 8th fret, so you hold fret 8 on G string, mute the B string, and fret 12 on E string. That, or you take the Eb to the 13th fret on the D string. I doubt whether you could hold those 2 frets as shown in your post even if you had insanely long fingers. You gotta think a little outside of the box, not just what the tab book tells you to do. If you're uncomfortable with a chord shape, for example, then you look for another voicing of that chord that will be more comfortable. This goes by the same system.
fyi - Metallica has two guitarists that play at the same time for some songs. Also double tracked guitars.
And that's what happens when they let piano players transcribe guitar tab books

That's just a crappy tab, written by someone with no common sense and possibly even little experiance of playing the guitar.
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And that's what happens when they let piano players transcribe guitar tab books


Don't play that 4th fret on the B-string. Play the 8th fret on the G-string or the 13th on the D. Those three positions represent the exact same note and will sound identical for 90%. No-one can reach that far on their fretboard, don't worry
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