I´m in Europe Looking for a singer, who sings in English , i have the songs and lyrics,
I send you the instrumental , you just have to go and record the song in tune.
If you want to add some better lyrics , you're welcome.
Some kind of rock, hard rocking style.
Anyone interested?
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Well...find someone online , who can sing, it´s just a song! I can´t sing it right because i´m not english , and my voice is terrible
c´mon no need to be a opera singer, just want someone who rocks.
Its good for your pratice, and you might be known
please Pm me
I can sing pretty well, I have a high baritone/tenor voice, in fact I've been called a "tenacitone" <--tenor, base, baritone, because I have a large vocal range.
Any recording I did for you would be crude because I don't have recording equipment, but I can definitely sing(can't scream)
I may be interested, I can sing, growl, scream and most everything between in between. I have professional recording equipment, so I can output high quality vocal clips. Here are some samples:

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/this-is-absolution (Killswitch Engage cover)

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/ring-of-fire (Johnny Cash cover)

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/lethal (Original song of mine)

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/honky-tonk-badonkadonk (Trace Adkins cover)

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/last-resort (Papa Roach cover)

Let me know if you are interested.
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