Hi all. I'm looking for a new gigging amp. Been looking at valve combos around the £550 ($900) mark and I've pretty much got it nailed down to a couple of choices to suit my style of play which is Blues and Classic Rock. Don't really use many effects as i just like using the amp. Been looking at the Evil Robot C30 and the Marshall DSL40.

Anybody own/owned either that can give their opinion or suggest other amps i may of overlooked?

I haven't actually tried the Evil Robot (or even seen one in person) but it does sound really good on the Youtube videos. I love their pitchman's enthusiasm too, haha. So that'd be my vote.
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I have not heard of the Evil Robot either and not super excited about that particular DSL but if that is all you have to chose from I'd get the DSL because that is what I'm familiar with. There is a guideline in the Stickies on how to get good amp advice if you are interested.