I'm a guitarist but I've always wanted to get a cheap Squier bass and record my own basslines. The problem is that I then I have to buy a dedicated bass amp which always puts me off the idea.

Lately, though, I've been using the Boss GT-6 for everything, especially direct recording (not the GT-6B, btw, which is the dedicated bass model). I'm wondering what would happen if I were to simply plug a bass into it?

I'm basically just looking for a way to avoid having to buy a dedicated bass amp/modeler since I'm primarily a guitarist.

Go for it. Worst that happens is it doesn't sound great. You won't break anything.

I imagine using a clean amp model with perhaps a little compression and some careful EQing would yield at least usable results.
Sure, just don't plug it into your guitar amp, and only use it for recording. In that case though, I'd just bypass all the models and record the direct signal (DI). Many professional bass recordings are done this anyway, without ever micing a physical amp.
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Cool, thanks. I've read that the danger in plugging a bass into an actual guitar amp is that the speakers aren't designed to handle the frequencies, but the internal electronics are unaffected.

I just want to confirm that I'm understanding this correctly: an amp modeler like a GT-6 used purely for direct recording (or output through computer speakers) would be perfectly safe.

Also, does anyone have any actual experience trying this in practice? I'm not at all a tone snob, but I'm wondering if a bassline recorded in this fashion is going to be overtly compromised, or just subtly different from a dedicated bass amp modeler like the GT-6B.

Thanks again.
It will be safe. As far as sound, it's not uncommon to record bass straight into the board so while you won't have nearly the tonal range you would with a bass modeler, you should be able to get a perfectly usable bass sound for most genres with that setup.
I record bass like that all the time, straight into the interface, it sounds good and with some post processing it can sound great.