I'm having some volume issues with my signal chain and I was wondering if someone can help me troubleshoot it. It's not a loss of volume, it's actually the opposite.

When I run my guitar straight into my amp everything works as it should (consistent volume). But if I put any one of my stompboxes in the chain I start to get random spikes of volume. It'll go up and stay loud for a bit, then briefly fade in and out a little, then it'll come back loud again. Lowering the output volume of my pedals will lower the overall volume, but I still have the fluctuations.

And to make it even more confusing, if I put two or more pedals in the chain then I get NO volume to the amp whatsoever. The chain would be some combination of the following: guitar > overdrive pedal > EQ pedal > tuner > multi effects pedal > amp.

I tried hooking up the pedals in different combinations, still have the volume issues. I also tried swapping different cables in and out but that doesn't help either. I tried running the pedals off battery power and 9v adapters, doesn't change anything. And like I said, the guitar straight into the amp seems to work fine.

Any ideas?

[EDIT: I forgot to mention, this happens whether the pedals are on or bypassed. As long as they are plugged into the chain I have the volume issues.]
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Faulty cables, probably.
Try using one cable at a time with the same (just one) pedal together with the one you're sure about and see if you can find the problem that way.

Or, it could be some problem with some stuff in your pedals.
After you tried the first thing, swap pedals and try them one at a time with cables that work for sure and see if the problems there.

If that still doesn't work, post the results of your tests here so we can try to help you solve whatever's the problem.
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Try putting only one pedal in the chain at a time. It may just be one pedal causing the problem.
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Update: I've been pulling my hair out trying to diagnose the problem, but I think I had a breakthrough today. For the first time the problem started happening with just the guitar running into the amp by itself (it didn't do that before).

I started to worry that it was my guitar, but then I tried plugging into the other input on my amp. Bingo, problem solved! Well... I prefer the tone of the other input better, so the problem isn't necessarily solved. But at least now I know what has to be fixed...
Current Gear:
2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard
'57 AVRI Fender Stratocaster
MIJ Fender Jaguar Special HH
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Vox AC15 C2