Hi there,
I have my 7 string edge 2 set up in half a step down with 11-58. I had the ZPS in there and the trem was almost flat with the body (slightly high off the body). Now I've removed the ZPS and its gone mad high, so im turning the spring adjustment knob LOADS and still its so high, havent seen too much improvement in the action which is still mad. Tremolo is set RIGHT into the body by tightening those 2 retaining huge screws.

my question is, how to level this tremolo? because its at the point where I can't physically turn the zero point because its mad to do it by thumb and I've done it alot, maybe theres another way?

is the angle too high or the general level?

if its the angle, try adding an extra spring to the block.

if its the general level, lower the two allen bolts where the blade sits.
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Another spring cannot be added as the Edge ii-7 only allows for 2 springs at a time. There are heavy springs which came with it but those are thick as sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

either way i removed the strings, tightened the spring adjustment knob to maximum practically and restrung and it levelled out perfectly in my halfstep down tuning, HOW I DONT KNOW BUT IM HAPPY XOOXXOXOX