An eclectic group of musicians of assorted styles, we play a blend of progressive rock metal fusion and other genres creating a sound that you don't hear very often

To check us out go to

or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tW2DM7JpO8

All criticism more than welcome, also this is our debut album and we are trying to promote it so on the other hand you do really like it taking the time to like it on Facebook and share it with your friends would greatly help us!

My only regret about the EP was that you didn't have Question as the leading track on Bandcamp, because it's ****ing awesome!

The overall sound on the album is very old fashioned, raw, and mixes well with your very "airy" aura. The female vocal should be more compressed in my own personal opinion, though I do see that it could take away some of the feminine and natural touch it gives the sound.

I do love the way the bass is audible, though not overpushed to the front of the mix. It lies there blending well with the clean guitars.

For some reason I got a lot of the early "King Crimson" feeling from this. I quite like this!

Keep it up! I wish I had the money to buy this EP, cuz' it's a wonderwork. :3
Thanks for the response, we will be switching Question to our leading track!