SO. ive got about 700 us id like to spend on an electric. any suggestions. id like a bigger brand. i play indy and hard rock and own a fender squier strat.
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So many options. If you want a "bigger brand," you should probably just try some used USA Fender guitars. I'm pretty sure a Fender can get into hard rock tones, although you may want to find one with humbuckers.

If you don't care about brand, go with Reverend or G&L.
Danny and I think those are definitely brands to care about! But I know what you mean. Beginners and non musicians know that headstock logo. It can be something worth while to look at if you're in a band trying to seem legit.
B.C Rich Warlock, it's what all the *Indie and Hard Rock bands use these days.
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Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster, got the humbucker for the hard rock, got the Jazzmaster pickup in the neck for Indie.....and I think 1meg ohm pots to allow the humbucker to sparkle when needed IIRC correctly.
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just the rooster said some really great options.

have you considered hollow body? there are some decent models from ibanez, etc that can be had in the 500-600 range that are really solid mid range hollow bodies.
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If you're still using that Fender Sidekick amp you might want to look at replacing that first - it depends on your priorities though.

Do you just want a nicer guitar or do you actually want to sound better? Also is their anything you particularly like or don't like about your Strat...for all I know you may hate the thing and want something completely different.
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If it were me, I'd go for a used Les Paul Special with P90's.
Obviously you have a Telecaster which can do everything. Something like a '72 custom.
A Strat with a Humbucker, maybe.
Maybe, even a Gretsch Electromatic. I think that could give your band a distinct sound. Gretsch style pickups do hard rock very well but also have very good cleans.