I have the behringer uca222 audio interface and im trying to record a guitar track.I'm using the peavey vypyr30 and have it connected via usb...my problem is it records guitar but I cant hear what im recording. As soon as I stop recording I can hear my guitar thru my amp again...I have spent hours on this but no solution...please help.
What are you using the uca222 for?
And can't you just use your computer speakers as output device?
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check to make sure you have monitoring turned on in your DAW otherwise you won't be able to hear it while you record, also check to make sure your playback device is set to your computer speakers and not to the interface, because unless you have headphones or speakers/monitors plugged into the output of the interface you won't be able to hear it while recording, because generally by default the interface is set to the output of the DAW
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