Well, as a wet-behind-the-ears beginner, Im getting closer to finalizing a decision on which guitar to start out on.....

Ive finally managed to handle just about everything in my price range ($200-350) and it was between a Fender Squire series, Yamaha Pacifica series or any of a number of Epiphones. For feel, fit and finish, the Epi's win hands down although the Yamaha was very nice as well and only $179. They all sounded ok, but again, the Epi was also the clear winner in sound.

I checked out the Epi LP 100 and LP Special II. Both seemed really nice and I love the fact they have a lifetime warranty. Im also keeping an eye on used guitars to see if I can maximize my money.

Anyone have anymore suggestions or brands Ive overlooked? Am I missing something obvious?
If you like the blues definitely go for something in the Fender family. Telecasters are nice for the blues, or Strats, try out both to see which you like best. I hear the Squire Affinity Telecaster is a real nice guitar for the price range, and imo nothing beats a tele when it comes to the blues. The Squire vintage modified telecaster is also nice if you want that humbucker fatness to the sound.
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