Im looking into a Mesa DC-3. Gotta check the year on it.
Is the amp good itself? Is there any problems in general that i should see to?
Would this amp be to loud for home?
I play alot of Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold and 80s metal, would this have enough gain and a good sound to play to some of these tracks?
Also what would be a good price for these?
^ This pretty well answers everything. I've seen them $450-$550 most of the time.

They're sweet amps, especially for what you play
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I was also looking at the Marshall DSL 40c and the Hughes and Kettner Switchblade 50 watt combo.
Would any of these be better than the Mesa?
I've looked into the DC amps recently after being recommended a DC-2.

As far as I can tell, the DC-3s are much more sought after and hard to find than the 2s or 3s. I'm guessing because they're a great compromise between them (I would only get a DC-3 myself).

If you can find one for $550 or less, I would jump on it. Otherwise, I would hold off and try to find a good deal.

All of that said, you might want to look into Jet City (or Soldano if money isn't a huge issue). I think they'll give you tones you want easier than the DC will. While theoretically it could be great for Metallica (as they are a bit related to the Mark series), I don't think the DC would be great for A7X tones. Whereas on the other hand A7X use(d) Jet Cities themselves.

Marshall is another good place to look, any DSL will do the trick (though the new series will at minimum need a speaker & tube swap to sound decent).
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