It's time to upgrade my rig and i require your valuable advise guys.

Budget? - I'm saving money to buy the best amp possible that suits my needs so this is not a problem...perhaps $2000 dollars tops.

Genres? - My music tastes are as bipolar as myself. I can be playing The Smiths one moment and then play heavier stuff like Gojira within minutes.

New or Used? -New! Due to bad experiences i'm never buying used gear.

Home or Gig? - Home. But i don't want to discard the possibility of gigging in the future

Closest City? - I'm currently living in shitty Chihuahua, Mexico. If everything goes well i might move to El Paso, Texas next year.

Currently i'm thinking about the Laney Ironheart 60W and the Hughes and Kettner Coreblade since Guitar Center can actually ship those to Mexico.
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But really, I would consider used gear. If you're careful you can be okay. And NEVER buy used without playing first.
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I'd add a Kemper PA, and though the coreblade is versatile I don't really think it sounds good as an amp.
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TS - nice thread first of all.

I'd say the Ironheart, 5153, Quick Rod , Mark V, etc are all good choices. Also maybe look into Egnater and the Randall modular series like the RM100.

Only buying new is going to severely limit your choices. I'd like to know more about why.
For Smiths to Gojira, huge +311 to the EVH 5150 III. The 100W is definitely worth saving up for, I'm not a fan of the 50W version for super modern tones (Gojira and Periphery off the top of my head have recorded with the 100W 5153).

I haven't playled any Splawns, but from what I have heard of them I wouldn't recommend them for Gojira. Maybe 311 could elaborate more on that. I know he likes KSE, but I imagine he uses his Vypyr Tube for that tone. (Again, not sure, just guessing).

A Mark IV would be better than the Mark V, I think (think Lamb of God for Mark IV tone, their album Sacrament specifically is when they used them the most heavily, I think). I don't think you'll be able to find one new though, unfortunately.

If you are in the US when you buy, you can order used from Guitar Center. They maintain their amps and do not sell ones that don't work.

I would also recommend a Mesa Roadster, or possibly a new 2010 Dual Rectifier (try before you buy!).
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The Quick Rod can do KSE with a boost up front and an EQ in the back. The Vypyr and the Rectoverb don't need anything

Therefore, I would think the Quick Rod can do Gojira to but it is not the most versatile amp. Think of it as a flexible 2203 with a clean channel.
Thank you very much guys for your valuable input! I'll be researching those amps and saving like crazy to buy one of those when i make my decision
Also, just in case anyone is in the same situation as me. I saw these two videos today to compare the evh and the ironheart:

Ironheart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyallkRbBEs

EVH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxUuXyXPhpY

Gotta be honest, the EVH sounds like a multiple orgy of glorious extasy, but it seems to me it is made with just high gain in mind and it delivers really well!. The IronHeart on the other hand sounds great, but it just sounds "ok" for my liking, a good amp nonetheless.

I have a joyo vintage overdrive, i guess i could to save money and buy the IronHeart , use the joyo as a boost, and the buy a chorus/reverb for a "The Smiths" tone.
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