I usually get my harmony together real quick with some nice voice leading incorporated.
But finding good vocal melodies that stand out and work good with the song is hard for me. Any ideas on how to get better at it ?
I am transcribing stuff regularly, solos, melodies etc.
I think it's more analyzing the melodies you learn.

Take a song you like the vocal melody of for example, analyze what notes are on the strong beats and how they relate to the underlying harmony. Basically, when is it common to put a chord tone vs a scale tone vs a leading tone etc.

Other then that it's just a bunch of practicing at writing melodies. Writing is a skill on its own that you need to develop. I recommend learning vocal melodies in different styles though, helped me for sure.
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As with writing music in general, nobody can tell you how to do it, it's something you need to develop with practice and experience. Something you can do to assist yourself in writing vocal melodies is to improvise melodies over your chord progression using your guitar. Play a lead section, and sing along with it to come up with something suitable to your song.

Remember, the first thing you come up with doesn't have to be the final version. It's always good, in my opinion, to come up with something, and come back to it later with fresh ears to see if you can incorporate new ideas or take a different approach to it. Or maybe you'll find that it's great the way it is.
thanks for the reply. Thats exactly what i usually do, and ive found to work the best as well. I guess im just not finding one that im satisfied with for the past few days and therefore crying on here.
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