So my band has an audition/gig kind of thing coming up and we're expected to use the amps they provide. Not only have I never used the specific amp (likely to be an Orange Thunderverb 50 with a sizable cab, can't tell how many speakers) before, I've never used a valve amp. I don't think we'll have a lot of time to set up beforehand either.

So I don't really know what settings I should dial in to get the tone I want. I read something a while back about twiddling each dial until there's a point where there's a significant change in its sound, then adjusting volume and gain to match. Is there any point trying this?

The amp also has an "attenuator" setting, should I make use of it for a medium-sized room with about 50 people?
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Well don't really change a lot of things regarding settings moving from a SS to a tube amp.
You go as you would go with your amp, ya know.
You want more highs, you turn the highs knob clockwise, same thing with the mids, bass and gain and volume and reverb.

If that doesn't work put everything on 12 and send the thing ****in' itself

The attenuation is useful if you want power tube distortion at relatively low volumes.
Do you want power tube distortion at relatively low volumes?
Do you mind having a clean tone at relatively high volumes?
Also, will your amp be mic'd up?
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I usually put everything at halfway. Then if I need more presence in te mix, I'll slightly boost the highs and mids til I like it. Then raise or cut the bass depending on how flubby or tinny it sounds. Then adjust te volume til you sit well with the band.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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I doubt it'll be mic'd as otherwise they'd just let me use my own, and they'd do away with the huge cab. So there's no secret twiddling of knobs that will give me a holy grail of sound?
Every amp has its own distinct characteristics. Heck, even different amps of the same model are slightly different. TO find a holy grail tone on any amp takes a long period of tweaking. Sometimes hours, sometimes weeks.

But, it shouldn't be hard to find a usable tone. Like has been said, just put everything on noon and adjust as needed.
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I've never heard a bad tone out of a Thunderverb 50, but if you get stuck, just use a fairly neutral tone
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for amps i don't know, i tend to start the EQ at noon and set the volume and gain low. then i'll turn up the volume until i feel it is about right then tweak the gain til i get something i like. at that point the volume may need to be reset to the new gain setting.

then you tweak the EQ a bit if needed. i usually tend to keep it around noon.

the attenuator i'd set so it is 'off' or not-active. i have not been a fan of attenuators.

i'd keep the reverb off, it'd be one of the last things i'd mess with if i wanted some.

of course once you set one channel you'll set the other channel up in a similar way but you need to make sure the volume between the channels sounds about even.
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I just set the EQ to what I'm familiar with on my own amps and then adjust from there.

Most amps I end up EQing almost exactly the same, unless it's got an active EQ or is super middy/bassy

I actually quite dug the attenuator on my Thunderverb 50. Depends on the tone you're going for, though. It'll add looseness to the amp, but give it a really bitchin rock/lead tone.
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It actually seems fairly quiet judging from a few videos i've watched, i guess it depends on the cab though (right?)

Will it be reasonably easy to get a clean tone on one channel and a fairly distorted tone on the other? I'm just asking because it hasn't specifically got clean and distorted channels so I'm not sure what they're set up to do.

Anyway thanks for the help so far, it might just go well!
^The Thunderverb 50 really doesn't have that great of cleans, it's more of a dual-overdrive circuit, which is really the reason I got rid of mine (loved one channel's gain, but the other was too loose and doomy for me). However, if you keep the gain low, you can set up one of them to be fairly clean, just don't expect anything overly fantastic, definitely not as good as a Rockerverb in that aspect
Quote by Dave_Mc
I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.