Hey guys, I have a question that maybe you can help me

Well, I have a behringer VT250fx for a while and I've always noticed it kind of cuts a bit of my guitar sound. I can only hear it fairly with the Master volume at max, which I don't know if it should happen. A friend has told me that his Fender amp, for example, needs to be at minimum or it'd blow his ears and, eventually, the headphones. It happened out of nowhere, like 2 or 3 times (including yesterday), that I could hear my guitar much louder than the pc music playing connected directly to the amp (as usual).

Am I doing something wrong? All I can say is that I use an adapter, since the headphones input hole is larger and I connect the pc cable to the back of the amp in the "CD IN/LINE OUT A" section.. What's up with that? Is it from behringer amps general? I don't know..
Not to burst your bubble but Behringer does not make very good amps for one.

In most (tube) amps if the master volume is on max then your ears will bleed it will be so loud. Not sure what your friend has.

But first you say you can barely hear your guitar and then you say it is much louder than your PC. That's confusing but lets just assume something is borked.

Simply put it is probably just time to get a new amp. A decent one. Otherwise, I'd mess around with cleaning on the holes with contact cleaner and maybe jiggling some of the jacks to see if you have a loose jack. Good luck.

The headphone size has nothing to do with it. Before you were born the standard headphone jack was 1/4". Now they are smaller so they make adapters.
Yeah, well, behringer amps are good budget amps anyway, thats why i got one, and I enjoy it's sound, even though the effects stereo is kinda messed up without headphones. Probably better for recording.

What I meant was that it happened once or twice that I heard the guitar louder than the pc. But yeah, thanks anyway.
Sorry if I came across as a bit of an ass. I'm really a nice guy. It was a bit stressful last night on the 'ol boards and I was mainly trying to give you a free bump. Honestly, I'm not sure what would cause your problem.
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Eh, could be worse. It's okay dude, no problem ^^ I actually searched in what year 3.5mm connectors were implemented, without sucess - but I still remember my father using those 1/4. Farewell then