I am having real trouble visualising patterns and notes on the fretboard. What is the best technique, or techniques you guys use?

I understand the CAGED method, and know the very basic theory of how scales and chords work. But when it comes to visualising patterns and scales on the fretboard I end up frustrated. I really want to be able to connect scale patterns across all positions on the fretboard.
In music there are 100 roads that lead to the same place, and taking more than one way is always better than just one. In your course one road you might take (or try) is to go one key at a time. Take G for instance. You learn several G shapes across the fretboard, then you practice playing in between the shapes on every string one at a time then in groups of strings and then with the whole patterns. Meaning you eventually get very good at going between between the shapes on the fretboard until you no longer see shapes you just see the key of G across the whole fretboard.
I can elaborate on this later if you at all understand what I'm rambling about or find it useful or intriguing in any way.
I am certainly intrigued with your method Rockgodman. Could you elaborate on playing in between shapes please?
Quote by rockgodman
In music there are 100 roads that lead to the same place, .

Word's of wisdom here for sure .

I can think of countless system's and ways
To venture into this but it all lead's back to the same place .