Hi, I have the following gear and trying to connect to both a PA system and my own mixer (which connects to monitor)

Boss GT 10
Boss AD8
Boss RC30
Behringer 1002FX

I want to have separate Channels on the PA system for the gt10, ad8 & rc30 as well as my mixer.

I want to have the gt10 and ad8 connected to the rc30 at the same time.

What I'm thinking is...

Ad8 left output to behringer mixer
Ad8 right output to pa
Ad8 amp output to rc30

Gt10 left output to behringer mixer
Gt10 right output to pa
Gt10 ext loop send to rc30 (not sure if I can do this????)

Rc30 left output to behringer mixer
Rc30 right output to pa


Using the aux send on the behringer mixer to the rc30 and a return to a spare Chanel??

Please can anyone advise??!

Many thanks
Hi, ive been doing a bit of research on the aux loop send on the gt-10... I don't think it can be used as an additional output (the same as L &R)...

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Many thanks