I have been trying to get this one on SoundClick for some time now. It's long, but it doesn't sit still, changes and evolves - and I'm getting some really positive feedback on this one.

The voicemail/music sequence at the end really seals it - it's my kids, and it works really well, and is funny too.

Heavily Tool influenced, this one is, as is a lot of my music on this project - though I'm not comparing myself to that talent, I know better.

Any feedback would be appreciated. As soon as I get home from work, I'll return the favor tonight, I promise. Thanks for listening.

Gods and Fathers

Then there's the crazy one from before...
The Phobium
I like the tracks! Great sound you have going. Your voice fits so well with all of your tracks.
What VOX are you using?
Thanks PCP and Skyvalve...

If I understand the question pcp gorilla...I'm using a Shure KSM27 condenser into an ART tube pre-amp (not expensive) into a Behringer compressor into the soundcard. I like to use distortion FX blended with the natural voice, for the first part, mainly, and then of course the telephone line effect.

I think the verdict I'm getting from other song boards is that the song is too long to expect people to listen and enjoy without first being a big fan - like you get with Tool. Even Tool's first couple of albums had enough short-and-sweet radio length songs, even with mixed up structures - which allowed people to warm up and then *want* a long journey.

That and I probably don't mix it up enough with the riffage to hold the attention very well.

I appreciate the listen fellas. Rock on!
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: vocals are pretty intense, good for the style. Guitar playing is well done. Overall audio quality is good. At 2:14 it gave me goosebumps, wasn't expecting the change. Some of the vocals had too much distortion for my taste. You have some interesting guitar (& maybe something other than guitar at times) tones. I thought the song was over.....and then it went into what seems like a second song after/during the phone message. Overall, this is a pretty cool song! You had plenty of different riffage dude!
Thanks for the uplifting words in your crit, really appreciated!

The vocals are great in this song, suits the song very well. I like the dynamics in the song, too. For a guy who approaches music more from a story perspective, like me, I really dig the changes and how it evolves. The drum sounds are the weakest link in the song for me but it might have to do something with the recording resources? The guitar sounds are good and other effects you've used to spice it up, too.

You're on the right track so keep 'em coming!
Arron - Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it - goosebumps are always good. I'm trying to play around with the progressive genre but keep things moving, changing and searching for melodic things in the music.

tnlsl - thanks for the crit, right back my friend. We musicians always appreciate an ear don't we? The drum sounds are definitely my weakest link at this time until I can mic and record my actual 7-piece acoustic kit. It may be a little while longer too, and I can't wait to get there. I was a drummer before anything else, so I'm anxious to get an authentic sound. (You're correct on the resources, in that I'm using soft synths and electronic drum pads - but that's no excuse really, I need to take more time and I just get impatient)

Thanks for crits fellas. I'll continue to lend my ear on this forum and give honest crits in return.
Cool song dude, good riffs and loving the off-kilter fills at the end of each one too. Also love the complex section after the second chorus, was expecting your usual bridge-chorus-end fare but proved me wrong in a good way. Vocals and lyrics are also pretty cool, great performance and catchy phrasing. The mix however needs a fair bit of work imo - the guitars are too overpowering and the vocals too harsh and thin, the bass and drums just get left in the background. The drum sound from what I can make of it is actually quite good, it's just far too quiet. Great song, just need to work on the mix.

Check out one of mine if you like - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1633497
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Thanks Innercelph (cool name).

So, I am stuck with the mix man...my studio got robbed during the mixing process of this song (and an entire album's worth of material I was working on) and they took every-damn-thing, my recording PC, all my guitars, my bass, everything. Was actually quite traumatic and took me a couple years to recover from it, finally getting back into this now.

I lucked out because I had burned a CD of every song as it was during the process, so I could hear it while we were on our first ever family vacation - and that's when our house was robbed - that CD is what I have of all of it. I don't have the tracked project file any longer. I can't change anything.

That's life..I appreciate your ear man! I will listen to yours as soon as I get home from work, I promise.