So I've got two Strat copies that, honestly, I'm just tired of having the string-through body on. I was thinking, just blue skying ideas, that I might like to fit a top loading bridge, like a wrap-around bridge(Les Paul Jr. style) onto them. Now I'm not a tech and I haven't done much of any modding on guitars before, except the basics, setups, new tuners, etc. Is there something that I'm missing that would make this unfeasible, or a truly terrible idea?
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Something like a Tune-O-Matic or a wraparound is a much taller bridge than your Strat string-through. Guitars with those bridges are designed to have a neck angle, which corrects for the height and allows you to get playable action. A Strat generally has no neck angle, but a slightly higher fingerboard, so you'd need to either shim the neck to raise it... or shim a neck angle in.

Edit: You'd ideally get a Strat-style hardtail with top-loading, which is easier said than done. Check this out though: