Budget? Would only be an amp for home use, so anything up to about £200/$400

Genres? Mainly Heavy Metal, but will vary depending on mood & what not, as I'm sure people will appreciate. I'll mostly be playing in Standard & Drop D tunings.

New or Used? Preferably new, but not entirely fussed.

Home or Gig? Mainly at home, but jamming with others is probably going to happen as well.

Closest City? I'm in England & the closest would be Brighton, which I would shop at GAK as I've had good experiences with them before.

Current Gear? I only have a BC Rich Masterpiece Mockingbird at the moment, will probably buy a second guitar within the next few months, so feel free to recommend guitars as well if you want.

I've been out the loop for a while now, haven't played for about 6-7 years & I have no real clue about a lot of it, so any advise is appreciated. Was looking at the Peavey Vypyr II VIP 1, as I've heard a lot of kind things about the Vypyr range.

Thanks in advance.
how quietly do you have to play at home?
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