Found this locally... 1986 Fender Tele (not a Squier,) one of the earliest guitars made in the Korean factories. All original besides the pots being upgraded, shows its age a bit cosmetically but other then that it looks good. I can't find much reference for it online, is $250 a fair price? I don't have a lot of knowledge of the Korean Fenders so any input would be great. Thanks.

are you buying it to play or to make a profit?
If to play then sure, why not - if you like it.
As an investment or such thats a much harder call. It's only worth what someone will pay for it...so $250 or so.

Is the specifics of that particular instrument make it more or less valuable? I was looking at Mustangs last week- 500 to 1200 price range. All fender mustangs, new. I would think used the 1200 one would always be worth double the 500 one, but I bet not.
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TS - $250 if it plays nice yeah, some good guitars come out of korea.
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I think anything with a fender logo that plays well should be worth 250
I like my tele

Edit:not the one im selling..
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The Korean Squiers were never especially good guitars. When I was a teenager the only people who used them were guitar teachers, because they knew nobody would break into their teaching studio to steal those guitars. Personally, I’d save up for an MIM model.
I don't remember offhand if they're Korean or Chinese, but I've had decent luck out of Squire Affinities. I've rebuilt a couple of their Strats and am currently playing with one of the Teles. With decent pickups and hardware, I'll put them up against their big brothers

The big deal is quality control. I've hand picked all of mine. They're fairly inconsistent, but the better ones are perfectly good guitars.
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price is ok but far from a deal. Korean made at that time not as good as Korean made these days as they have gotten way better at it. body may be made of plywood.
Sorry to muddy the waters but are you sure on the year? I don't seem to remember any Fender branded guitar coming out of Korea in 86, the first ones I can remember were in about 87-88 and they were all Squire badged guitars. I'm not saying they weren't around then just that I don't remember them and I was doing quite a bit of guitar swapping around that time. As jpnyc pointed out above I don't recall the Korean guitars being especially well thought of. I just have this very sneaking suspicion that it may be a Korean Squire with the label changed but I am not sure on this. Are there any other people about on here that can remember Squires and Fenders from that era?
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The seller has said that he believes it to have been made in 86 or 87. I did find some info online that said that when Fender first started producing guitars in Korea they released some Fender teles and strats before they started releasing their MIK squiers... I know these squiers were known to have been made with plywood, but I'm not entirely sure if this one would have a plywood body too. I'd be buying it to play, but since I can't find much on these I want to make sure this is the going price for them, and if it'd be worth buying at all. The seller compared it to a MIM tele with its tone and playability. It's a fair driving distance for me but I might go check it out on the weekend.
Love them! I had a yellow 91 MIK Tele that was my main guitar for almost 4 months. I just lost it in a flood and I'm still crying about it. Just found another one on Kijiji so things are looking up though.

If you're looking for a player's guitar its amazing. If you're looking to sell it, its probably not worth. I ended up buying mine for about $150
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Ive never heard of Korean squiers being made of plywood. Infact next to the japanese squiers the Koreans are among the best squires made. although some of the current top end squiers have better electronics