Hey, whats up. I am planning on investing in an electric guitar and amp. I only own an acoustic and haven't played very much electric and i think now is the time. I've done my research on guitars and have decided to buy a squier classic vibe 50s, but need to find an amp. I have been looking all over the place for decent amps but can't find what i am looking for. I am buying this guitar mainly for learning blues so would like an amp that is good for blues playing. I am willing to spend between 300-400 dollars. I have looked at blues junior amps as they have been recommended all over the place but they are out of my price range in the country i live in. Over here new they cost 5600 sek (swedish currency) which is about 870 usd new and a little over 600 usd used. The prices over here are jacked the **** up and it pisses me off. It is very hard to find specific used amps as sweden is not the biggest country so i will most likely have to buy new. If you have any suggestions, tell me. I cannot figure this out
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Used Blues Jr?

Bugera V22?

Yamaha 10TDX

Fender Super Champ

Blackheart Little Ant 5w

Vox AC4TV or Valvetronix maybe

Used Peavey Classic 30/Valveking/Windsor

to name a few

or - list for us some of amps available to you in your budget
^Everything in this list. Couldn't have said it better myself
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Been reading up on all your reccomendations and i have narrowed the list down. I will either go with a Bugera V22 or a VoxAC4TV. What do you think would be the smarter purchase? I am worried that i will run into problems with the Bugera as i have heard complaints about issues with these brands of amps
Honestly, I'd go with the Vox AC4TV. One of my friend owns a Bugera amp and has waaaaay too much problems with it. Plus, not a big fan of the tones they produce. The Vox would be a more reliable choice, at the very least.
Ayy there
Thanks everyone for all the help. Ive researched a little bit more and have decided the vox doesn't seem worth it. I have been looking around for the blues junior amp and have found a few places that sell it a little out of my price range. I know that if i don't go with the blues junior i am going to regret it, so i am going to scour up a bit more cash because in the long run i believe it is worth it. Thanks for all the help. My final decision is the blues junior.
Bugera has had a storied past of reliability issues no question there, but the V22 seems to be a fine product. Most of the reliability issues with Bugera have been in the more complex high gain amps. Also, the tone of the Bugera V22 is really good. I wouldn't second guess it. But if you want to save up more we completely understand. Come back when you are ready.
Unfortunately it doesn't do much good to tell us that amps are overpriced and then ask for a recommendation. The best approach is to do a little research on prices and tell us what amps are available in your price range. I would suggest the Fender Super Champ XD or X2.