Hey guys. I may have asked something similar, so I apologize if this is redundant. Basically, I have the pentatonic "positions" down now and I can solo pretty freely within them. Where do I go from here? I've learned a little theory but it's slow-going.

I want to learn what other notes on the fretboard will work when soloing within various scales, so that I'm not just playing the boring (imo) sounding pentatonics only. Is there a place for theory that makes this specific request easiest to learn? Because I've read a few pages and can't quite grasp it and I've watched a few videos that are boring and lose me.

Blues, then major scales in 5 positions and the modes of it.
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is there a helpful resource for licks in various scales? like if i wanted a tasty lick in natural minor in Em say? (if that's even a thing, lol)
^^^ Yes there's a bunch of lick librarys. Google is your friend.

Or you could juat learn the major and minor scales and the notes on the fretboard. That way you can make your own.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
It's actaully more simple if you already know the pentatonic.
Do you know the difference between a major pentatonic and minor pentatonic?

It's the same as knowing the relative minor.
So if i was playing an Amin pentationic it's the same fingering as playing the C major pentatonic. Of course the root note are different.

The pentatonic acts like a skeletion to me. I have the option of adding those
2 notes. Where I put those 2 notes will simply give me different sounds to the scale.
Most people call them modes. It's super easy if you already know the pentatonic.
It just shifting 1 note to get a different sound.

I think ear training is important. Knowing intervals will help me put those
notes and colour my music or solo, better. I personally dont like painting with magic markers
all the time. I perfer to paint using water colors with verious shades of blue.
I dont use the same brush all the time nor just throw paint on the wall.

I learn the triads. Mostly to help train my ear.
Sometimes I'll add in the 4th. Hammer on or pull off..ect.
Sometimes I'll tap with my picking hand to extend them
I can only tap with my middle finger and pinky from my left hand.
This exercise also helps me to get more familar with notes interval on a single string.

Those modes are just some of many more scales. i know i can randomly
add whatever notes...but I like to have some type of structure.
If I get lost...the pentatonic is a of sort back up i can come back to.

I personally like learnding different scales. They're like collections to me.
Not so much on paper or in a book...but in my head and my ability to apply
them while Im soloing. Kind of like having various amp simutors and FX to get
different sounds. The more i have. The more I can mix it up or not.
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^^^ Cool - lets just go with major and minor scales. We'll call those extra notes "accidentals" instead of "modes".
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.