pearl forum 5 piece
remo weatherkings on toms
evans g1 on snare
pearl eliminator single pedal
rocnsoc throne
all new sp stands
zildjian zht cymbals

heads and cymbals have barely been used. MAYBE half a dozen times
also have a full set of vic firth muting pads

$1800 obo may consider trade for car
local pickup. will deliver within 300 miles
Wrong forum, this belongs in Classifieds.

Also - You might want to consider dropping your price significantly. You can find that set and cymbals for 1/3 that price fairly easily... I'm honestly not even sure all the gear you have would cost $1800 new.
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The Forum series is (was?) Pearl's lowest of the low end drum kit, isn't it? I don't think they cost anywhere near 1800 dollars brand new. They're decent, but for 1800 you could get a second hand kit much nicer than that. I think the most you'd probably get out of it would be maybe 450, but I could be wrong. Good luck.